This website was designed for clinicians involved in occupational rehabilitation programs.

The representations that workers hold of their current health condition, in other words, the ways in which they perceive their condition, are a key factor in their return to work after an absence caused by musculoskeletal pain.

The Revised Illness Perception Questionnaire adapted for Work Disability (IPQR – WD) is a measurement instrument that was adapted from the Revised Illness Perception Questionnaire (IPQR). The IPQR – WD was developed specifically for Québec workers who have been on work disability for more than three months as the result of a musculoskeletal disorder (MSD) and who are enrolled in an occupational rehabilitation program.

After having the worker complete the questionnaire online, the clinician will receive an interpretation of the results so that he or she can adapt the treatment plan to the worker’s specific needs.

To have the worker complete the IPQR – WD, please log in to the website or Submit an access request (one request per rehabilitation centre).

To obtain a PDF version of the questionnaire or a description of the measurement instrument, please go to the Questionnaire tab.